Road to Sunsetting: From to

At the end of last year, we brought many updates to the world of Fleek! Among those updates, our plan to build a new Fleek ( with a new fully event-based architecture that is completely modular and extensible. A new foundation upon which Fleek could grow to offer any folder of infrastructure and development services, out of the constraints of the current platform.

Here, we lay out our plans towards the V1 release of this new platform, and the full sunsetting of and migration into

We’ve separated the road towards sunsetting the old platform in different sequential phases that help us ensure that the migration is up to our standards and every user has a fantastic experience leading into the new and improved platform!

Phase 1: Reaching Feature Parity.

Before we flip the switch, and begin the sunsetting of the platform and site, there are three important milestones that must reach to welcome all users over:

Site Deployments, IPFS Storage, and Custom Domains (Current)

This is the current stage of’s beta. The core functionalities of Fleek, ported over. Here users can interact with our SDK and CLI to store files in IPFS, deploy their sites, and configure custom domains on top of it.

Release of the Beta UI (Coming Next)

While our initial phase is focused on our developer interfaces (CLI/SDK), the next phase involves the release of the beta UI for, which will allow us to replicate all the features available in the CLI to the UI for those users who prefer this type of interface.

During this phase, we will be collecting feedback actively on the platform, and setting the groundwork for customer support moving forward based on the learnings from

Managed Deploys & Git Connection

While we collect feedback and optimize the UI flows we will be focusing on finishing the features that are needed to complete the feature parity, out of all the missing pieces these are the two key ones:

  • Git connection: Connecting with GitHub tools to grant access to the platform to download and perform deployments directly from a repository.
  • Managed: Right now the build before the upload is being done on the users' end in's beta. With this feature Fleek will collect the source code and run the build on our infrastructure controlling all the process, as is the same in

Phase 2: The Release of V1 & Sunsetting Kickoff

Once feature parity is achieved we will be releasing to the public what will be known as Fleek Platform V1, the first stable version that will run in parallel with the old platform for a period of time.

At this phase, we will be stopping signups on and offering all the user's migration tools to request to move all their relevant data to All of this migration will be automatic, but done upon the user’s manual request during this phase.

Phase 3: Rides into the Sunset & Pending Users are Automatically Migrated

After a prudent time of co-existence between the platforms, and when the goals of these processes are met, we will be shutting down and automatically migrate the missing users that didn't request it in the previous phase.

A Quick FAQ Recap:

Can I keep building on, or should I wait for v1 of

A: Users can feel comfortable continuing to work and build on You can continue to start and grow your project on the legacy platform, and migrate over to the new platform when available. The process will be seamless, so no disruptions would occur to projects.

Will I have a different account or lose progress/projects?

A: No. The new platform is a direct replacement of the old Fleek, all users, their projects, sites, and storage, and accounts will migrate over fully.

Will stop its services?

A: Yes, but not now or immedietely. Once V1 of the new platform releases, people won’t be able to create new accounts on However, existing users will be able to use the legacy service and choose to migrate over for an extended period of time. Only then will we flip the switch.

Trust the following ⚡

As we move across each phase, we will keep everyone posted and up to speed with the timelines. Rest assured that:

  1. The sunsetting won’t catch you by surprise.
  2. The migration will be seamless and won’t affect current usage or users.
  3. The new platform you’ll arrive on will be harder, better, faster, stronger.

Stay tuned, because we’ll share more about each phase as we progress. If you need more resources, please visit our LinkTree!