Fleek v0.0.2 Release Notes: Primary Domains, Lens Template, Faster Upload Speeds

It’s that time again! We’re back for another bi-weekly update to the Alpha– this time with a new template option, faster file uploads, a few new features, and fixes.

Application form for the next batch of testers, who will get onboarded with v0.0.3 coming in ~2 weeks, is open here!

Let’s get into the changes coming to the alpha with v0.0.2:

Primary Domains

In an effort to simplify domain management, we're introducing a new "Primary Domains" feature. The platform will now automatically reference your chosen primary domain for tasks related to sites or gateways. When you set up your first active domain, it becomes the default primary. As you add more domains, you have the flexibility to set a new one that your site defaults to.

If you decide to switch things up and remove your primary domain, you’ll get a prompt to set up a new one from your list of domains.

Lens Template

Head over to the templates page to try our new Lens template! Spin up your own fully functioning Lens social app in minutes with an easy-to-configure and customized template. Start with a timeline, as well as post and user search, and build from there.

You can access the new template here- give us a tag on X with your finished Lens build ⚡

lens template

Upload Improvements

You may have noticed uploads on the platform feel faster over the last week– that’s because we did a little refactoring on the backend and gave upload speeds a pretty significant boost! Files of all sizes upload ~10 times faster than before on the UI 🤙

Other Fixes and Improvements

As always, we’ve squashed a ton of bugs and added a few small improvements with this release! For the full list, head to our docs:

  • Increased memory in our deploy lambda to accommodate bigger site repositories
  • Fixed a bug where the IPNS values were not being updated after a deployment
  • Fixed a bug where the GitHub listener was not catching all the commits for deployments
  • Improved error handling when the user is not using the default Fleek configuration files while deploying with GitHub Actions
  • Created a canary project to monitor site deployment flow for better customer support and availability
  • Fixed an error where we were showing the incorrect message when a site name was not available
  • Fixed an issue with some users getting stuck in the welcoming screen
  • Added an auto-generated domain on the site overview if there is no domain set
  • Fixed a bug where the view site button on the recent deployment cards was not working

That’s all we have to share for v0.0.2! We’ll be back in about 2 weeks with another set of improvements, along with the next batch of alpha testers ⚡

Follow along with the release of the platform on X and join the community of testers in our Discord server!

See you in a few weeks 🤙