Astro + Fleek Starter Kit: Getting Started Guide

Hey everyone, Juan from the Fleek Devrel team here! We're thrilled to announce our new Astro + Fleek starter kit template.

This template is perfect for building optimized, scalable static sites quickly and easily. In this post, we'll take a quick look at the benefits of using Astro and the Fleek CLI, as well as some of the use cases for this starter kit.

What is Astro?

Astro is a lightweight framework that combines the speed and simplicity of a static site generator with the flexibility and power of a client-side framework. With Astro, you can create sites that are optimized for performance and SEO while keeping things simple and easy to work with.

Why use Astro and deploy it to Fleek?

  • Lightweight and fast: Astro is built with performance in mind and generates optimized static output.
  • Flexibility: You can use your favorite JavaScript framework or library, such as React, Vue, or Preact to build your site.
  • Easy to learn: Astro's syntax is simple and easy to learn, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

How to deploy an Astro site with Fleek?

With the Fleek CLI, you can easily deploy your site to IPFS and IPNS, as well as add custom domains. Learn more about self custodial deployments here.

You can deploy your site by running:

fleek sites deploy

You can also automate your deployment process and deploy your site directly from a GitHub action. This makes it easy to keep your site up-to-date and always available to your users.

Check more information about CI deployments here.

To set up the CI you can run:

fleek sites ci 

You can also check our documentation for setting up custom domains here.

Use Cases for the Astro + Fleek Starter Kit

This starter kit is ideal for:

  • Personal blogs and portfolios
  • Documentation
  • Landing pages and marketing sites

That’s all for today! with this starting kit, you can develop a super fast & performant static site. Feel free to hop into our Discord for requests or open an issue/PR on the repo itself! We’re excited to see what you build using this template!

For more resources visit our LinkTree.